A Thoth based Tarot deck by M.M. Meleen for Atu House Publishing

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The Rosetta Tarot is now available in a new larger 3.25x5" size, with metallic card backs and new golden yellow borders with English titles.

The Rosetta Tarot is the first of several tarot decks by M.M. Meleen, published in November of 2011. It is a 78 card tarot based on the Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley, but with its own unique art. M.M. Meleen has been a devoted student of the occult for many years, and the deck is rich with the symbols of Astrology, Alchemy, and Qabalah. It was voted the number 1 best deck of 2011 by Aeclectic Tarot voters.

The Rosetta Tarot and other publications by Atu House can be purchased at shop.rosettatarot.com and www.tarotcart.com.

There is also a Rosetta Tarot app for both iPhone, IPad, and Android that contains the deck and the full size guidebook the Book of Seshet. The app can be found on iTunes and Google play and is made by The Fool's Dog.

M.M. Meleen has designed a new deck called Tabula Mundi, based on the occult teachings of the Golden Dawn.  For news about both the Rosetta Tarot and Tabula Mundi, and other occult tarots and books by M.M. Meleen and Atu House, subscribe to the newsletter.

The Tarot as a Universal language and the Rosetta Stone:

A “Rosetta” is often an alternate word for key or decoder, referring to the Rosetta Stone, a fragment of an ancient Egyptian granite stele discovered in Rashid (Rosetta) and dating to 196 BC. The slab is inscribed with three identical scripts in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Demotic text (a pre-Coptic script), and Ancient Greek and proved to be the key to decoding the previously unknown Egyptian hieroglyphs. In the same way that the Rosetta stone ties together the languages of these cultures, the Rosetta Tarot weaves Egyptian symbolism and Greek mythologies with alchemical symbolism.

As Tarot is a language, and the Rosetta stone is a key or decoder of language, the Rosetta Tarot may unlock the doors of the houses and reveal secrets of the Tarot hidden in plain sight. Tarot is a language that allows the subconscious mind to be consciously accessed, and potentialities in embryonic form to be seen and pondered, and perhaps positively affected. It is a potent tool for meditation and self discovery. Tarot can be considered a hieroglyphic, symbolic, and pictorial language so flexible as to be able to contain the known universe and all combinations of manifestations both earthly and spiritual, tangible and intangible.